Embracing Uncertainty: How Intuition Can Lead Us to Unexpected Clarity

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G.L.O.S.S. Loft’s Founder/CEO, Joey Flesner, recently hired me to do H.Y.P.E. Retreat Photography (which stands for Highlight Your Present Experience) for her GLOSSy Getaway - Insiders Edition Retreat. Women in this virtual community, of which I am a member, came from nine different states & gathered in the Berkshires of Massachusetts for an extraordinary experience at this one-of-a-kind event.

I asked some of the amazing attendees I met during the retreat to share more of their insights about their experience, & BONUS; they also signed up to do "working photos" with me—headshots & branding images during the "choose your experience" time of the retreat! 

Here are snippets of my recent interview with Wealth Planner & Financial Educator, Retirement Consultant, expert in Living Benefits, Pensions, & Tax Free Income -- Krista Pasionek. I had the pleasure of speaking with her about her journey of self-discovery & empowerment. What started as a simple retreat to the Berkshires became a profound time of gaining clarity & renewed motivation for Krista. Learn more about the G.L.O.S.S. Loft & join here.

The G.L.O.S.S. Loft Insiders Edition Retreat brought welcomed clarity to Krista Pasionek's business & personal lives. She’s just one example of the attendees who saw a significant return on their personal & professional development while in a space with women focused on forging new alliances & growing stronger together. 

Krista's word for 2024 is "clarity," & she shared that the trip confirmed that the changes she was making in her business were indeed desired & impactful. What was gained by being in the Berkshires?

Lesson 1: Trusting Intuition
One area that Krista expanded was learning to tune in to herself & listen to her intuition. Despite not knowing exactly what to expect from the retreat, her intuition guided her to say yes to the opportunity to meet in person with these women in business & taking some time for herself. This decision led to a transformative experience that surpassed her initial thoughts because she showed up willing to listen.

From Facebook Friend to In Person Connection

Lesson 2: Yes is a Complete Sentence 
Just as no is a complete sentence, so is YES. Trusting our intuition and following our hearts without overanalyzing can lead us to experiences & insights that we may have missed out on otherwise.

By saying yes to new experiences & allowing ourselves to step into the unknown, we can uncover clarity, motivation, & personal growth that propel us toward our goals. Hear what Krista has Incorporated since being back from the Berkshires.

I invite you to reflect on your own journey & consider how embracing uncertainty & trusting your intuition can lead to transformative experiences & personal empowerment.

These ladies are beautiful faces going places you want to be, too. Get in the room where the conversations are different & more UPLIFTING.

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Sending big love & heart hugs,
Becky Plautz
Your Connection Strategist


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