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In our family we:

  • Believe in each other. 
  • Create Memories.
  • Have Fun!
  • Say, "I Love You", "Please", & "Thank You".
  • Are Honest & Positive.
  • Give Hugs, Gratitude & Forgiveness.

My heart from the start:

When I was 12 years old, I knew I wanted to raise my family to learn & grow through life experience TOGETHER. Our plan is evolving with our three children & our dream is be developing through the process. 

We hold the space for our #PlautzPartyofFive vision to be amplified with a global human connection. I practice with the daily reminder that I AM EXACTLY WHO MY WORLD NEEDS to energize myself & the people around me to keep going.

As we grow through this journey of life, our goal for our family & yours is that we raise good humans who love themselves fearlessly & leave everywhere they go better.

How my business came to be: 

I chose to become an entrepreneur three months after being fired from a retail job for get this...not smiling enough. 

I followed my passion for capturing unforgettable moments. It took five years to get focused on what type of photography sparked my soul. I found that capturing my dream client's heart & essence through empowerment photography was IT!!!  Each one on one photography session is an EXPERIENCE with me...full service & all-inclusive with professional hair & makeup PLUS massage to relax & enjoy the day!

I challenge you to be FULLY seen where you're at, both personally & professionally, as a reminder that YOU ARE ENOUGH today!!!

Be Seen, Heard & Known:

In 2018, I saw a need for fearless leaders to be highlighted in sharing their stories. It was a way for my guests to celebrate where they've been & the breakthroughs they've experienced! 

Podcasts have been such a huge part of my personal growth, so I wanted to provide a place to connect a story with a face. I shoot from the heart, asking questions to know guests deeply, mirroring what I hear to provide my audience & guests with a fresh perspective from their experiences. 

One of my best tools is the "love punch". When I hear something, I say something to bring out a shift with your best life in mind. I see people in my world hiding, waiting for someone to see them, & give them permission to step into view. I encourage you to move forward with confidence. What if you could turn the FEAR  that made you hide.....into Your Best Friend? 

What the H.Y.P.E. is about:

One of my favorite things in life is to "Highlight Your Present Experience" by connecting you with purpose. I love showing you how to appreciate the life you're living, while pursuing the life of your dreams.

I bring energy & clarity to your self discovery & personal growth, to increase the greater good in your world!!! I encourage my dream clients to show up for themselves every single day & remind them what they are made of by documenting it & mirroring it back to be seen from my point of view.

I am an Empowerment Speaker & Photographer, Growth Connection Strategist, & owner of the Virtual Co-Workspace & Community - Work On Purpose. With Purpose.